How to Activate Juul Party Mode

What is Juul Party Mode?

Before I show you the coolest juul trick/hack ever, known as Juulparty mode, let me explain exactly what party mode is.

Juul party mode is simply a hidden feature on Juul vapes where you can get the LED on the device to rapidly flash a rainbow of colors — red, purple, blue, pink, white, and green.

I can show you what it is!

Just look below to see a gif of a Juul in party mode!

A Juul in Party Mode

Simple way to get your Juul in Party Mode!

The first method to get your Juul to start partying down is relatively quick and painless. It’s also the technique you’ll want to use if you just want to activate it once and don’t want to get your Juul stuck in party mode. 

  1. First, you want to make sure that your Juul is fully charged and ready to go. While you practice, it doesn’t matter if you have a full pod or not.
  2. Next, take a drag on your vape to get the white LED on the Juul to turn on. 
  3. Finally, when you pull the Juul away from your lips, you want to start moving it back and forth until several colors blink in light source. Now, as soon as you draw on Juul and wave around your Juul, those rainbow colors will show!

How to Permanently Activate Juul Party Mode!

This next method is only for juulers who are real party animals. Those who want their Juul to be permanently on party mode, meaning the rainbow lights will flash after every hit they take on the device. 

I should warn you that some users have complained about their Juul becoming “stuck in party mode” so before you try to get your Juul to party permanently make sure that’s what you really want.

  1. First, like before, get your Juul vape pen ready by making sure it has a good charge and a working pod installed in it. The level of the pod is irreverent as long as it’s working. 
  2. Next, take a drag on your vape to get the white LED on the Juul to turn on. 
  3. Here’s the trick; Start quickly and firmly smacking your juul on the palm of your hand as soon as you pull the juul from your lips. Your goal it to get that white LED to start flashing a rainbow of colors. It might take several tries to get party mode to activate, but keep repeating the steps until you see the rainbow colors. 
  4. This step is only necessary if your Juul vape does not remain in party mode. In this case, you need to go back and repeat steps 1 through 3 until your juul gets stuck in party mode. 

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