World Health Organization Refuses ANY Harm Reduction Talk

The World Health Organization, WHO, has indicated it won’t include harm reduction in its tobacco strategy until at least 2023, a move that will likely have dire consequences for millions of smokers.

In August, the WHO released the agenda for the Ninth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC (COP9), set to take place in November 2021.

There had been hopes that the biennial meeting would include discussions about tobacco harm reduction.

But the topic was noticeably absent from the agenda, making it clear that tobacco harm reduction wouldn’t be part of FCTC discussions for at least the next two years. alternative nicotine products

WHO ignores current research

Every year, eight million people die worldwide as a result of tobacco smoking.

There are several products like nicotine pouches and e-cigarettes that don’t contain any tobbacco, and associated health risks, while still providing users a nicotine fix. These products offer smokers an alternative to deadly cancer sticks. 

Despite the growing body of research that highlights the benefits of these harm-reducing alternatives and the fact that their popularity is growing exponentially. The WHO decided to mention them in a great piece of propaganda, earlier this summer, painting smokeless and non-tobacco nicotine products as a major threat to public health.For that reason we proclaime that the World Health Organization is more like the World BITCH Organization!

Several leading harm reduction experts slammed the report shortly after it was published. 

Speaking with the online magazine Filter, Bates accused the WHO of producing “propaganda” that unfairly maligns alternative nicotine products like snus or e-cigarettes. The health body, he argued is “casually and carelessly putting millions of lives at risk”.

WTF… Why is the WHO such a B*tch!

“The problem isn’t what goes into the meeting agenda, but the fact that WHO actually wants to ban vaping while cigarettes are available everywhere,” he told the magazine in response to the release of the COP9 agenda.

The World Health Organization’s hostility towards new nicotine products and tobacco harm reduction causes direct harm to the world’s smokers.

It’s too bad that the WHO can’t see the value in products that allow smokers to enjoy nicotine while eliminating most (if not all) the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. 

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