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Surface Chemistry of Electronic Cigarette Electrical Heating Coils: Effects of Metal Type on Propylene Glycol Thermal Decomposition

1/9/2018 - Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis

Introduction: Carbonyls, a class of compounds strongly linked to pulmonary disease in smokers, are probably the most reported non-nicotine toxicants found aerosols. Reported emissions vary from negligible quantities to those far exceeding combustible cigarettes. Observations of high emissions are commonly attributed to dry puffing””, whereby the ECIG heating filament runs dry of liquid and reaches temperatures that induce thermal degradation of the ECIG vapor components at the filament’s metal surface. Using a pyrolysis flow reactor,, 7627,2018,Role of testing standards in smoke-free product assessments,,0,1,1/10/2018 – Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology,fa-users,0,,,,,,#2c98cc,,,#162e6b,,#444444,,#8e8e8e,,#0a0a0a,,,,0,publish,Testing standards for tobacco and related products are an important basis for product science-based regulation. The recent emergence and rapid growth of products offering an alternative to continued smoking for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke
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